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A private Investor is set to deliver its own project. The project is titled “Tourist and Recreational Cluster".

The company is going to launch an enterprise for processing natural stone in the North-Western Federal Region. 221 mln rub will be spent for a plant construction, the construction should be finished by 2021. The new enterprise will create about 70 vacant positions.

Investor will design and build a schungite powder production plant. This product is necessary to replace expensive components used in production of rubber products, composites, asphalt concrete building materials. Investments in the project will amount to 120 million rubles; the enterprise will be launched in the northwestern region.

A trading holding owned by a well-known businessman in Karelia plans to build a multifunctional tourist and health center on the lake. The project provides for the creation of infrastructure for the provision of a wide range of medical services, spa, and conditions for the general improvement of the body. The project cost is estimated at 2 billion rubles.

Over the next two years, the investor company is going to build a logistics (wholesale and distribution) center with a plant processing wild berries and mushrooms, fruits and vegetables in the North-Western Federal Region. Investments in the project will amount to 550 million rubles.

The logging holding plans to build a pellet plant with a capacity of 60,000 tons of pellets per year. Thanks to the project, a modern pellet production with a capacity of 60,000 tons of pellets per year will be built here. Karelian businessmen intend to export the produced pellets to the countries of Northern Europe.

A new facility in the Northwestern Federal Region will replace the local garbage dump. The eco-industrial park will include a modern landfill, sorting stations, a waste processing system and the production of goods from recycled materials.

In the Northwestern Federal District, the investor company plans to implement a project for the reconstruction of a small hydroelectric power plant.

The Investor is going to build a fair center in Petrozavodsk. Investments reach about 300 million rub.

The travel company intends to implement an investment project for the construction of a tourist base in Kondopoga with a national flavor for 215 million rubles. The company is a dynamically developing tour operator and offers a wide selection of holidays in the most popular destinations in Russia: Karelia, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Rostov-on-Don, the Urals, as well as the Baltic countries and Belarus.

To create a predicted number of ekranoplanes, it is necessary: reconstruction and expansion of shipyard production, cooperation of enterprises - suppliers of components for finished products, which will provide up to 60 ekranoplanes of various displacement per year.

In the Northwestern Federal District, the investor will build an enterprise for the production of blocks from a decorative conglomerate. It is expected that the enterprise will produce up to 5 thousand cubic meters of blocks per year.

On the basis of the state fish farm it is planned to create a modern breeding and breeding center for fish farming. In 2017, it is planned to carry out the development of terms of reference and design estimates. If the necessary budgetary funds are allocated in 2018, it will be possible to begin the construction of the center. According to preliminary calculations, the amount of investment will be about 800 million rubles.

A tourist cultural and educational center will be built in the North-West.According to the author of the project, an architectural ensemble resembling Old Russian wooden settlement will be built. It is a model of a medieval princedom with a fortress, handicraft and trade zones. All constructions and furnishings will correspond as much as possible to traditions of wooden architecture of Russia. Over 30 buildings will be installed. Cost of the project is 1 bln. rubles. Currently they are looking for the Investor. A site for construction is selected. The investment company has preliminary approved it.

In the Northwestern Federal District, the investor company plans to build two factories for the processing of haddock and cod.

In the North-West Federal District, a foundry competence center will be created. To this end, 700 million rubles will be invested. to modernize the existing foundry.

In the North-West Federal District, a livestock complex will be built on the territory of the former state farm. According to the design estimates, it will be designed for the simultaneous maintenance of 600 cows. Also, the complex will be equipped with modern robotic equipment.

In the Northwestern Federal District, the investor company plans to implement a project for the modernization of a woodworking enterprise.

In the Northwestern Federal District, it is planned to implement a project to build a three-star hotel with 60 rooms. The investor is a large timber processing holding, which plans to develop tourist destinations in the region.

Extract Plant plans to build a plant for the production of standardized extracts from wild berries and berry juices. The volume of investments is estimated at 600 million rubles, it is planned to create 60 new jobs.

A project to create a dairy farm and agricultural enterprise producing raw milk, mainly from dairy cows Cattle is the main animal species in dairy farms. The designed farm consists of basic, utility and industrial buildings and structures.

Construction of a feed mill - enterprises intended for the preparation of feed for farm animals and birds. Compound feed (combined feed) is a special feed mixture, which is compiled according to scientifically based recipes and is intended for feeding farm animals

A company that specializes in logging is planning to build a wood pellet plant in the northwest. The capacity of the new production will be 50 thousand tons per year. Now we are designing a new enterprise.

The timber processing enterprise in Karelia plans to invest 265 million rubles in the expansion of production and create 100 jobs. A modern woodworking enterprise produces a wide range of high quality products.

A data-center will be built in the North-Western Federal Region. The project investments will exceed 7 bln rub. Currently the company is negotiating purchase of a 6-ha land plot.

In the Northwest, it is planned to carry out work to expand the production of reinforced concrete products. This will make it possible to produce facades on colored concrete, finished with piece materials, the Investor plans to invest over 100 million rubles in the implementation of the project. The total investment may be more than 800 million rubles.

In the North-West, it is planned to create a sports and tourist complex with cottages and a hotel for accommodation, with a swimming pool, a bathhouse on the shore and various sports grounds. The working group on assistance in attracting investments in the region’s economy supported the project and recommended that the investor complete the development of a business plan and, as soon as possible, prepare a package of documents to resolve the issue of providing a land plot for the construction of the facility.

The Investor company is going to establish an enterprise for the deep processing of wood with a volume of up to 100 thousand m3. The project is designed for the period from 2016 to 2023 and will be delivered in 5 phases. The project cost is about 100 million rubles.

In the Southern Federal District, it is planned to expand production of equipment for the needs of the fuel and energy complex. The company plans to produce axisymmetric valves for regulating the flow of fluid in pipelines, as well as pneumatic actuators for valves. Pneumatic drives will be made of materials and components of domestic production

The investor began a project to develop a quarry for the extraction of building stone at a deposit in the North-West Federal District

It is expected that construction of a new landfill will start in 2020 on a site adjacent to the existing old landfill in the Northwestern Federal Region. This week, an investor suggested that a Finnish company specializing in energy and waste processing will carry out these works. According to the investor's company director, the old landfill will be demolished. The landfill will meet all modern requirements. The project will be launched thanks to funding from the NEFCO international financial organization and the Northern Dimension Environmental Partnership. The project will cost 6.25 million euros, 3 million euros will be provided as a soft loan, 2 million euros is a non-refundable grant tied to this loan, as well as the investor’s own funds in the amount of 1 million 250 euros.

An apartment hotel is planned to be built in the North-West. Within the framework of the project, the cost of which is over 100 million rubles, a hotel complex of all-season functioning for family and corporate recreation will be built. Construction of the facility is scheduled to begin in 2018.

The investor will build a large aqua park and a three-level car park in the Northwestern Federal Region. 1.3 billion rubles will be invested in the project.

Currently, design estimates are being developed for construction of the second phase of a trout deep processing workshop of the Investor's enterprise. The capacity of the workshop will allow processing at least 2 thousand tons of marketable fish per year, commissioning is scheduled for autumn 2019. The company is going to expand both the production of trout and the range of species of fish farming, in particular, Arctic char and whitefish.

The construction of a plant for deep processing of fish and the production of fish products is planned to begin by the end of 2017 on a site of 24,000 sq. M. A project is being developed for a deep processing of cod and haddock in fillet, production of salted-dried fish, processing of trout and flour production. The project is very expensive - now it costs more than 1.1 billion rubles. The project provides for an enterprise capacity of 30 thousand tons of raw materials per year. The new enterprise plans to create at least 100 jobs. It is planned to complete the design by October of this year, after which the construction of the plant will begin.

In the Northwestern Federal District, it is planned to build an incubation-growing plant. Planned design capacity - 2-2.5 million pieces of planting material (whitefish, nelma). At the moment, design and survey work is underway on the site.

In the North-West Federal District, the modernization of the sawmill continues. The project envisages investing more than 400 million rubles. The company will install 6 new drying chambers, a biofuel boiler house will be built, a saw machine and debarker will be modernized, and an automatic raw lumber sorting line will be put into operation.

Russia's leading iron ore manufacturing and processing enterprise will modernize its production facilities. About 2 bln rub will be invested in the construction of the cyclic and continuous transport plant. The project concept is to deliver the excavated iron ore before overload and to deliver the waste to the dump with the help of conveyor.

In the NWFD, the investor plans to develop a field for the production of crushed granite. It is planned to create 844 jobs. The volume of tax deductions to the budget for 2020 will be 2.3 billion rubles. Owing to a new investment project in the North-West Federal District, a large producer of granite and crushed stone may appear, which is especially important in the context of limited supplies of Ukrainian crushed stone

A tourism cluster will be created in the Northwest of Russia. The project is scheduled to complete until 2025, and the total funding will amount to 4.7 billion rubles, including 3.3 billion rubles from private investors. In total, 17 large tourist centers interconnected by transport and tourist routes will be built within the cluster. The annual tourist flow is expected to increase to 250 thousand people thanks to the cluster.

In the Northwestern Federal District, it is planned to implement a project for the construction of a fry production plant. The capacity of the new plant will be six million pieces of planting material per season. At the moment, a land plot has already been allocated for future construction

In one of the cities of the North-West Federal District, it is planned to expand the ophthalmological center. Now the investor determines what the new building will be and how it will be built. It will be possible to build a new building only when a land plot is found. on which construction will go.

An investor company will launch a project of development of a quarry on the granite field in the North-Western Federal Region. Currently public hearings of the project are being held.

The right to rent for the construction of a new fitness center was obtained. The company acquired a site near the final stop of public transport, on which it is planned to build a new fitness center and a workout area - street sports equipment and simulators, as well as a children's town.

In the North-West Federal District, it is planned to implement a new investment project, the essence of which is the development of dairy farming in the region. Based on the results of its implementation, a dairy farm will be built in the region and milk processing will be organized.

The Finnish company intends to build a solid municipal waste processing plant in northwestern Russia. The plans of Finnish entrepreneurs to make garbage high-quality fuel SRF (RDF). According to the project, up to 1200 tons of municipal solid waste or 600 tons of industrial waste per day can be processed on one production line.

An investor is building a confectionery factory in the Northwestern Federal District, which will produce healthy, natural sweets. The immediate plans of entrepreneurs also include the launch of a line for the production of ice cream with berries inside and a workshop for freeze-drying and drying vegetables. An investment of 200 million rubles is planned with a implementation period of 2019-2021.

It is planned to build a sports and concert complex in one of the cities of the North-West. It will include a congress hall for major international forums, concerts, exhibitions, several sports and gyms, a sports shop, office space and much more. The project is planned to be implemented in two phases. Estimated volume of investments is over 400 million rubles.

In the Northwestern Federal District, the current pulp mill is being modernized. Total investments in the project are planned in the amount of more than 1.4 billion rubles. The company has been modernizing since 2016, after the transfer of the plant to new owners.

The St. Petersburg company plans to build in Karelia a high-tech plant for the production of medical stents for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and medical instruments. The planned amount of investment is 750 million rubles. The plant is supposed to create 60 jobs.
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