Investment projects in the region "Kalmykia"

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In the Southern Federal District, it is planned to implement a project to build a hospital for war veterans with a rehabilitation center.

An international water port will be built in the Southern Federal Region. Chinese companies are going to invest in the project. In near future, design estimates will be prepared and construction will start. The design capacity of the port is over 20 million tons per year.

In the Southern Federal District, an investor company is building a start-up complex for a wind power station.

In the Southern Federal District, it is planned to build a new residential building for 600 apartments. The site previously contained residential buildings that were demolished as part of a resettlement program.

Execution of works on the Construction of an Entrance to the village of Krasny Partizan from the Yashalta-Solenoe-Divnoe highway.

The investor plans to build another solar power plant in the Southern Federal District and increase the installed capacity of solar generation facilities in the republic to 234.1 MW.

An Investor will build a solar power station in the Southern Federal Region. The new station will have a total capacity of 58 MW.

The investor will build 25 wind power plants in the Southern Federal District. The cost of the investment project is 970 million rubles. Now the investor is selecting a land plot, where wind power plants with a capacity of up to 15 MW will be built in Q2 2019.

In the Southern Federal District, as part of a public-private partnership, it is planned to build an artificial ice rink.

Preparation of design estimates for the capital construction project: “Construction of a public highway of local importance Nyntakhn-Chagorta in Tselinny district of the Republic of Kalmykia”

Construction of the Entrance from the federal highway "Access to Elista from the federal highway M-6" Caspian "from Moscow (from Kashira) via Tambov, Volgograd to Astrakhan" to the settlement of Gashun-Burgusta.

The construction of a secondary school with 275 places in the village. Malye Derbety, Maloderbetovsky district of the Republic of Kalmykia

Construction and installation work on the construction project "City Children's Clinic for 550 visits per shift in the city of Elista of the Republic of Kazakhstan"

Construction of a comprehensive school for 528 places with a swimming pool at the address: RK, Tselinny district, Troitskoye village

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